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Khelo India E-Pathshala

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Athlete Coaching and Education Programme in Football


(Grassroots & Intermediate )

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from July 20

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from July 20

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Objective of this programme: To introduce level-based, e-enabled uniform training module in consultation with stake holders to give maximum benefits of technology & expertise available centrally so as to align grassroots and intermediate training programme with elite training methodology.

We are jointly combating COVID 19 pandemic by taking preventive and precautionary measures like maintaining social distance and restrict stay at our homes. Hence this time can be utilized productively and constructively by engaging in virtual learning. In this regard, several initiatives are being taken by Sports Authority of India, an autonomous organization under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India for the benefit of the general public, athletes and coaches.

Keeping in mind the rising distress among children due to the lockdown, Sports Authority of India in conjunction with All India Football Federation have come up with this idea of creation of Web portal for Athlete Coaching and Education in Football known as E-Patashala (Grassroots & Intermediate) following the Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) issued by Sports Authority of India. The programme involves engagement of children at Grassroots and Intermediate levels to participate and compete in various Online Football activities during this difficult time of the pandemic and upload their Football activities in the Web portal.

This programme intends to uplift Football culture in the country by providing training to children in a variety of skills and techniques in Football in accordance with their living conditions and enable them to keep themselves fit and active.

Mr.Kushal Das,General Secretary,All India Football Federation

Isac Doru Technical Director, All India Football Federation

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and sports, Government of India and Sports Authority of India, for the programs that have been implemented towards sport development in general and particularly, to football during the last years.

Now there are challenging and difficult times for the entire humanity of our world, we need to be strong and show, more than ever, that we are ready to confront those challenges with responsibility and a lot of work and commitments.

When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They’re sent to promote and strengthen you. With this platform we are not trying to limit your challenges, we want to challenge your football limits.

I am obviously convinced that we have a lot of football skills all over India, I believe that we have a lot of talents in the country. With this platform we love to have our kids changing themselves, enjoy and continue their individual training. The athletics and football skill contest could be done everywhere; in any parking slot, on the backyard, on the streets, in the parks and of course on the football fields. You can be assisted by any member of your family, your neighbors or your friend.

Thank you to all the people from the organizing committee that have been working very hard to make this happen. Thank you to all the participants for joining the contests and wishing you a high performance standard accordingly to your age and your choices.

Mr.Savio Medeira, Director, Coach Education, All India Football Federation

Dr. G Kishore, Principal & Regional Head SAI-LNCPE, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr. Pradip Dutta, Associate Professor, SAI, LNCPE -Trivandrum and FIFA Instructor

Coordinators of ePathshala







E-Pathashala in football(Grassroots)

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